Our Haunts are to DIY for!

Trick or Treat

We hope everyone enjoyed Halloween. If you'd like to see what the Norcal Haunters have been up to, check out our YouTube Channel, which includes both haunt walkthroughs and prop-making tutorials.

Norcal Haunters

We are a group of Halloween enthusiasts who meet monthly to share Halloween prop-building knowledge and ideas.

Our meetings are hands-on workshops to build props, animatronics, and other Halloween haunt related items.

Each month, normally on the second Saturday of the month, a member will volunteer to host the meeting at their house (or workshop), and they or another member will teach the “Make-n-Take” leaving everyone with a working item and the knowledge of how to do it again!

Occasionally, we get to take group tours of haunted or haunt-related facilities or to participate in other activities to promote our favorite holiday. For example, many of you first encountered us at the Bay Area Maker Faire, where we were able to show people how all the other gizmos and gadgets on display at the Faire can be combined to create something fun and entertaining.

Join Us!

If you live in Northern California, and your neighbors refer to your home as “that house” at Halloween, then you’re one of us. Even if you just aspire to become that house, you’re one of us. So join us. We’re always looking for fresh victims Halloween enthusiasts to keep our group eternally lively.

Click here to create an account and apply if the link above doesn’t work!

Keeping Our Distance

Nearly all of our meetings and Make-n-Takes in 2020 and 2021 were held virtually via Zoom. We expect to return to in-person meet-ups in 2022. All in-person attendees must be fully vaccinated against Covid. If conditions or transmission rates change, we'll adjust plans as necessary for the comfort and safety of our members.

In 2020, many of our members came up with safe and creative ways to celebrate Halloween, such as transforming their walk-through haunts into drive-by displays, building candy delivery systems compatible with social distancing, and creating a “virtual trick-or-treat experience” online.

Project Resources

Are you tempted to make your own version of one of the Halloween props we featured at the Maker Faire?

We've got instructions and resource information for you.

Be warned: Many of these projects are gateways to the haunting lifestyle. We are not responsible if you become hooked. We can however, provide group therapy in the form of Make-n-Takes.

Join us, and—before you know it—your haunt will be to DIY for!