Our Haunts are to DIY for!

We are a group of Halloween enthusiasts who meet monthly to share Halloween prop-building knowledge and ideas.

Our meetings are hands-on workshops to build props, animatronics, and other Halloween haunt related items.

Each month, normally on the third Saturday of the month, a member will volunteer to host the meeting at their house (or workshop in some cases) and they or another member will volunteer to teach the 'Make-n-Take' leaving everyone with a working item and the knowledge of how to do it again!

We also occasonally get to go on group tours of interesting haunted or haunt-related facilities and do other activities to promote our favorite holiday. For example, we are annual participants in the Bay Area Maker Faire, where we get to show people how all the other gizmos and gadgets on display at the Faire can be used for something fun and entertaining. Come see our How-To-Haunt in the side wing of the Fiesta Building! (zone 3 on the map)

Please click here for project information and tutorials, as seen at the Bay Area Maker Faire

Our haunts are to DIY for!

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